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Great in War and Great in Peace

Bukkaraya won great victories on the battlefield. He won equally great and enduring victories in times of peace as a ruler. During his reign, the empire, extending from the Tungabhadra to Rameswaram, enjoyed peace and plenty.

Bukka was a far-sighted and wise king. One mark of a wise leader is that he puts an end to a trouble before it becomes a danger. He is watchful; at the first sign of trouble he deals with it firmly. He is especially careful in guarding the unity of the people. One instance shows Bukka's greatness as a ruler:

Once it so happened that two groups in his own kingdom began fighting with each other:

The Jains were in a minority. The Shrivaishnavas, who followed a different religion, were in the majority. Differences of opinion developed between them. Gradually these grew, and they began to fight. News of this reached Bukka.

He sent for the leaders of both the communities and advised them thus : "Jainism is great and Shrivaishnavism also is great. Both of you should respect the faith of each other and help each other. Both of your faith show peoples how to live a life of goodness. Do they not both teach that you should give up violence and hatred and help others with love? The Delhi and the Bahamani Sultans are just waiting with their mouths open to swallow us. How could you fight with each other at this time? Do you not think that your internal fight will result only in danger to all?"

The leaders hung down their heads in shame. They promised the king that they would be friends thereafter.

Bukka called for a public meeting. There he made the leaders of the two communities join hands. He advised them again: "it is wrong to say that one man is high and another man is low. It is also wrong to think that one's loss is the other's gain. You should consider each other's troubles as your own." He also ordered that the Shrivaishnavas should compensate the Jains for their losses.

'Respect the faith of each other.'

This incident is described in one of the stone inscriptions found at Sravanabelagola.

The mistaken idea that one religion was higher than the other was thus removed even in the early stages. People of all religions could respect one another and live together in peace and harmony. In this way Bukkaraya acted in time and put an end to a great danger to the unity and safety of the empire. This policy of his has set an example to people of all lands and times.

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