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Saintly Guidance

Harihara and Bukkaraya were really fortunate to have obtained the guidance and protection of such a great saint as Vidyaranya. Before he became a Sanyasi,
Viayaranya's name was Madhava. He was a great scholar in the Vedas and other
religious texts. At the age of thirty-one he gave up worldly life and became a Sanyasi (or monk). He saw the sufferings of the people all round him; he saw how they had to live in fear and without freedom, under the Sultan of Delhi; and he felt unhappy. He lived for fifty years after he became a Sanyasi, and was a tower of strength to those who fought for freedom. It was he who inspired Harihara and Bukkaraya to found the Empire of Vijayanagar and expand it. He always guided them with his advice and encouragement. Later Sri Vidyaranya became the Swamiji of Sringeri Mutt.

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Hakka-Bukka - Great Kings who ruled famous Kingdom of Vijayanagar
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Harihara The Brave (1336-1356)

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End of Veera Ballala
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