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The Lamp Goes Out

In 1375, an unexpected disaster struck Bukkaraya and the empire. .

The brave Kampana died.

He was to have adorned the throne of Vijayanagar after Bukkaraya. He was a warrior capable of safeguarding the freedom of his country and a ruler who could keep his subjects happy. It was really a great misfortune that Bukka and the Vijayanagar Empire lost him most unexpectedly.

Gangadevi, the wife of Kampana, has described his valor in her Sanskrit work, 'Madura Vijayam' or 'Veera Kampanaraya Charitam'. The book brings out very clearly the sad state of our country, our Dharma and our culture before, and how Hakka, Bukka and Kampana saved them. The whole work throbs with patriotic devotion.

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