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The Sacred Hampi

In the cultural and religious history of India, Hampi occupies as important a place as
Kashi. Anegondi and Hampi were on the opposite banks of the Tungabhadra. There are many mythological stories concerning these twin towns and their surroundings. One of them is as follows:

Pampa was the daughter of Brahma. By strict and deep meditation on Lord Shiva, she became his wife. So Shiva became 'Pampapathi' (the husband of Pampa). He settled down in this region.

The Ramayana is a very old and a very great epic (a long poem telling the story of a mighty hero) of India. Sri Rama is the hero of this epic; the great poet and sage Valmiki wrote this. He refers in the Ramayana to Hampi and the region around.

Kishkindha, the capital of Vali and Sugreeva of the Ramayana, is said to have been situated near Anegondi. Places bearing the names 'Sita Sarovara', 'Ramapada', Vali Bhandara', 'Sugreeva's Cave' and the 'Ashram of Shabari' bring back to us memories of that great epic. The hillocks nearby are popularly known as 'Rishyamooka','Malya-vanta' and 'Matunga'; these names appear in the Ramayana.

The crowning glory of the region is the temple of Virupaksha. It is one of the most
important of the ancient monuments here. It was probably built in the fourth century,
nearly a thousand years before the founding of the Vijayanagar Empire.

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