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A Champion of Country and Dharma, A Good King

Harihara became the king when the New Kingdom was born in 1336. He ruled till 1356. He had to strengthen the defence of the borders; he had to build up a good system of government. These took up much of his time.

As already said, the Sangama dynasty was the first to rule over Vijayanagar and Harihara was its first king. Kriyashakti Pandita of the Kriyashakti Peetha, belonging to the Kalamukhakirti sect, was his guide in administration. After the death of Veera Ballala, the southern parts of the Hoysala Empire came under the rule of the king of Vijayanagar. Dorasamudra, the capital of the Hoysala kings, had been attacked by enemies and was in a sad state. It could not resist another attack. So Hakka had to rebuild it and make it strong. He had to plan also the defence of the surrounding areas. Temples and mutts (seats of holy'-teachers of religion) were almost in ruins. Hakka had to bring back to the temples and mutts the honor due to them. He engaged himself in this work" with sincerity and devotion. Fouryears after the death of Veera Ballala, Hakka visited Sirngeri with his close relatives and officers. Adi Sankaracharya established the Sringeri Jagadguru Peetha at Sringeri in his efforts to give new strength to Hindu Dharma. When Hakka visited the Mutt, Sri Bharati Tirtha was in the seat. Hakka and his brothers were very respectful towards the Swamiji and requested his blessings. They also granted many donations in keeping with the worth and the high place of the Peetha.

Hakka and Bukka were incomparable warriors. They continued the freedom struggle started by Veera Ballala and saved Hindu Dharma and culture when they were in great danger.

Hakka died in 1356. Bukkaraya succeeded him as king.

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