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Service of the People

Each student answered the question differently.

One said: I wish to seek t patronage of a king at his court."

It was now the turn of Venkatanatha: "I have decided to popularize the teachings of Sri Ramanujacharya. I want to write commentaries on his works. I have also decided to become a teacher of the Vedas and Upanishads."

"What is your view, Sudarshana Bhatta?"

"I wish to go to Srirangam and devote the rest of my days in the worship of Sri Ranganatha."

"Bhoganatha, tell us about your plans."

"I wish to become the king among scholars."

"Sayana, what is your desire?"

"When I grow up I wish to write commentaries on the four Vedas. The aim of my life is to collect the essence of all the systems of philosophy."

The master asked finally: "Madhava, tell me what your ambition is."

Madhava said: "Gurudeva, it is difficult to give an answer to your question."

"Why is it difficult, child?"

"As long as the insolence of ego survives in man, it is difficult to achieve anything. But God willing. I would like to spend my days in the service of mankind, the visible expression of God. I wish to utilize my life to awaken the power of the nation, which is now put to sleep as a result of ignorance. I
wish to devote my life for the protection of my country and my religion and the freedom of my country," said Madhava.

When Vidyateertha heard these words, he felt proud of Madhava. He embraced his disciple and said, "Child it is sacred to devote one's life for the good of others, for one's own country and religion, and for protection of the freedom of the country. Be successful in your ideal. May the world be better on account of your service!"

Madhavacharya who was thus blessed by his Guru became famous as Vidyaranya later.

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Vidyaranya - A Great and Famous Saint who is known as the founder of Karnataka
About Vidyaranya
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