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The parents decided to get Madhava educated by good teachers. There was a saint called Shankarananda living on the banks of the river Tungabhadra. He was a learned man. Mayanacharya took all his sons to Shankarananda and begged him to accept his children as -his disciples.
Shankarananda accepted students very selectively. But if he were convinced that a particular aspirant was interested in real knowledge, he would agree to teach him. Madhava, Sayana and Bhoganatha prostrated at his feet. Shankarananda was pleased with them and he accepted them as disciples.

These children studied under him for many years. They were intelligent. They were devoted to learning. The teacher taught them very willingly. After a few years Shankarananda felt that he had taught them all that he could. He called them one day and said, "Children, you have learned all that I taught all these years with devotion. Now you must go to my teacher, revered Vidyateertha. He lives in Kanchi. I shall request him to accept you as
his disciples."

The boys agreed to do as they were told. They took Shankarananda's letter and went to see Vidyateertha at Kanchi.

In the meantime Mayanacharya had passed away. Srimatidevi, not wanting to interrupt the children's education, willingly saw them off to Kanchi.

In the meantime Mayanacharya had passed away. Srimatidevi, not wanting to interrupt the children’s education, willingly saw them off to Kanchi.

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