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The Ascetic

Having decided to perform tapas, Madhavacharya went in search of a suitable place. He traveled in many parts of the country and came back to Pampakshetra. By this time his mother had passed away. His wife also had died prematurely. Fate had freed him from the family ties. There was nothing left in the family to tie him to the world. He devoted his life to the service of his motherland.

One day, after worshipping at the temple of Virupaksha of Pampakshetra, Madhava- charya came to the banks of Tungabhadra and rested under the shade of a tree for sometime. He dozed off for a while. There was an indefinable feeling of joy in him. The anxiety and sorrow which were present in his mind so far had disappeared.

He opened his eyes for a moment and looked around. Nature was pleasant here. Tungabhadra appeared to be dancing as she flowed in the midst of mountains and forests. The golden rays of the sun glowed on the waves in the river. The trees in the forest stood tall concealing the sky above them.

As he sat there his sorrow disappeared and light seemed to fill his mind. He bathed in the river and sat under the tree in 'Padmasana' (the 'lotus' posture) and meditated.

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