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Loyalty to Religion; Welfare State

Times had changed. There were many changes among the ruling class at the Delhi Court.

The Khilji dynasty had made room for the Tughlaqs. Mohammad Bin Tughlaq had occupied the throne after causing the murder of his father. The kingdoms in the South owed allegiance to him only nominally. But everywhere there was misrule.

It was at this juncture that Madhavacharya wished to lay a firm foundation for a stable empire. He wanted the empire to be founded on the principles of loyalty to religion and welfare of the people so that the citizens could live in peace. He wanted to infuse a spirit of self-respect and fearlessness into the hearts of people who had lost their self-respect and were unable to protest against injustice. He did not get help and co-operation for this task
from any king or administrator.

Every one who heard of his dream of such a state ignored it, as it was difficult to make it a reality. Madhavacharya waited eagerly. He had no wealth and no support of the people. But he had confidence that this task would be performed. He knew that by the grace of God and the blessing of his
teacher this task would be accomplished. He thought that a task like this could not be achieved without the accumulation of the merit earned by tapas. Therefore he bade good-bye to his worldly ties of family and decided to undertake austerities.

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