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Holiest of the Holy Places

It was famous as a holy place. During the puranic days Pampambika sat in tapas at Hemakoota in order to earn the grace of Parameshwara and had succeeded in her effort. Anjanadevi bore her son Anjaneya to Vayu at Anjanadri here. It was here that Rama and Sugreeva became friends, Rama killed Vali and the Kishkindha kingdom was given to Sugreeva. Thus Pampakshetra had become famous as a place where ambitious people could attain what they wished.

Besides, the place was famous as the land of heroes. It is said that once a hunter came there hunting, and his dogs were chased away by the deer. It was also famous as a lapped of warriors. It was supposed to be the land where heroism and fighting spirit had been embodied in men and women born there.

It was at this place hallowed by the sacred river Tungabhadra and made holy by the temple dedicated to Virupaksha that Madhavacharya decided to sit in tapas.

Gradually his tapas became severe. At first he ate only roots and fruits, then he gave up even that and lived on water. In the final stage be lived only by air. These tapas went on for twelve years. But the Goddess on whom he meditated did not appear before him.

His body had become thin on account of his austere tapas. But there was the effulgence and strength derived from tapas on his face and in his limbs. He did not feel the pangs of hunger and thirst nor did he feel tired. His mind was concentrated on Bhuvaneshwari. He was supremely satisfied.

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