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Battle-cry of Fearlessness

Madhavacharya heard all about how the invading army had plundered Srirangam. His blood boiled when he heard the details of their inhuman and uncivilized conduct during the invasion. He came to Srirangam and made Enquirer about Sudarshana Bhatta. He could not find him. Then he went to Satyamangala to see Venkat- natharya. Madhavacharya asked him about the whereabouts of Sudarshana Bhatta.

He replied: "There is no news of him lately. It is said that he died of shock. It is not surprising also. Only people like me who have not died are sinners. I do not know what worse things are in store for us to see."

Madhavacharya said: "Deshika, what a source of courage and hope you were when you were young! Why are you crying now like a coward? Where are your fearlessness and courage? Where is your self-confidence?"

Deshika replied: "You would have understood my condition if you had witnessed what I witnessed at Srirangam It is a nightmare for me. I can never
forget it."

"What do you want to do now?"

"I am resolved to rouse the common man from his sleep and inactivity. I am also firm in my decision to devote my life to the cause of our nation and its reconstruction. With this object in view I have composed a war song called 'The Song of Fearlessness' (Abheetistava).

He then produced the manuscript of that poem before MadhavaCharya. It was a composition of verses (in Sanskrit) which aimed at rousing the people to activity and courage from state cowardice and hopelessness into which they had fallen after the invasion of Mallik Kafur.

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