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vidyaranya laid the firm foundation of Vijayanagar empire with piety and righteousness as its cornerstones. He guided the kings properly by imparting correct knowledge regarding religion and faith, during the reign of Bukkaraya.

After the death of Harihara, there was a conflict between the Jains and Srivaishnavas of Vijayanagar on account of some difference of opinion. Vidyaranya solved their problem at that time. He advised Bukkaraya to call the leaders of both religions and tell them that there was perfect freedom to all people to follow the tenets of their religion as prescribed in their religious books; he had a royal proclamation issued which became the
law of the land. It fostered a feeling of tolerance among different religions in Vijayanagar Empire.

Vidyaranya was a great saint who hard renounced everything. There was a proper blending of both militancy and other worldly approach. After the founding of the Vijayanagar Empire he felt that the mission of his life had been fulfilled. He rid the internal and external enemies, returned to
Sringeri and adorned the Sharada Peetha by becoming its chief.

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Vidyaranya - A Great and Famous Saint who is known as the founder of Karnataka
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