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The discussion made Venkatanatharya who was present there very unhappy. He was at the moment thinking of how to save the invaluable treasure: the idol of Sri Ranganatha Swamy. After a great deal of discussion, at the suggestion of Venkatanatharya, they decided to cover the sacred place of worship and build a new place of worship resembling the old one in all respects in order to save the original idol of Ranganatha Swamy from   destruction. They also decided to remove the valuable Jewelry and the other idols used in the processions to Tirupati and conceal them there and thus save the wealth of the temple.

When they were thus engaged in self-protection and defense of the town and the temple, the army of Mallik Kafur invaded the town like a whirlwind.  Hundreds of residents were killed in battle and thousands were wounded.

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