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We are Hakka and Bukka

Vidyaranya asked them, "Who are you? What are your names? Tell me without hesitation why you have come here."

The elder of the youths said, "Gurudeva, we are brothers. My name is Harihara (Hakka). My brother's name is Bukkaraya (Bukka). We were once the rulers of this land. We have lost all and are now wandering without a place to claim as our own."

These youths were the sons of Sangama Deva. He was the son-in-law of Kampila Raya, King of Kummatadurga. Sangama Deva was the treasurer of the State. Enemies laid siege to Kummatadurga. They killed most of the residents mercilessly. Out of the surviving relatives of the King, eleven were taken prisoners by the soldiers of Mohammad Bin Tughlaq's army and were taken to Delhi. Hakka and Bukka were among the eleven
prisoners taken to Delhi.

Later, on account of the bad administration of Tughlaq there was lawlessness in the southern states. In order to suppress it, Tughlaq freed able young prisoners and sent them to the South with his army. It was then that these two young men made use of the opportunity and escaped. They were now at the hermitage of Vidyaranya.

Having heard their story, Vidyaranya gave them shelter. He had come to the decision to build the new empire through these youths.

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