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The Desire of His Heart

Madhava was troubled by one particular idea on the day he was blessed by his teacher: 'I must try to remove the dangers which Hinduism and its culture are facing in South India. I must establish a kingdom in the Kannada soil by the grace of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, I must found a kingdom in
the South and drive out all invaders. There is nothing greater than tapas to fulfil my ambition. Therefore I must worship Bhuvaneshwari and receive her blessings,' he thought. When he shared his desire with his teacher he said: "Child, you are not an ordinary man. You are born to perform a great deed. You will serve and save the land and the language." He then bade him farewell.

In this way Madhavacharya and his brothers spent the days at Kanchi and returned to Pampakshetra. They had taken the responsibility of looking after their mother and sister. Madhava was able to marry off his sister Singala, who had come of age, to a suitable young man. He married Vaitihotri, daughter of Veetihotri. He had been working as a priest to earn a living. Besides, he earned a little by teaching. But there was no peace of mind for him in this kind of living. He was discontented.

Again and again the ideal which he had declared before his teacher Vidyateertha beckoned to him.

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