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Ram Singh was a religious leader and a good preceptor. He preached purity of body and purity of mind. He himself practiced both. He opposed lavish
spending at marriages and taught people to help the poor. When the British began to strengthen their Empire by sowing the seeds of quarrel among the people of India, Ram Singh worked against them but had to pay the price. He breathed his last in a far-off prison.

Author - G.K.Venkateshamurthy

Ramasingh Kuka

The guns were kept ready.

Fifty lives were to be destroyed on that day. Hundreds of persons had assembled to witness this terrible event. The British Officer, Cowan, was sitting on a chair, his wife by his side.

How did the persons, who were condemned to death, behave in their last moments? Perhaps they wept bitterly? Perhaps some of them fell at the feet
of the British officer? Perhaps theybegged for mercy? Perhaps they shrieked and raved when they were led to face the guns?

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Ramasingh Kuka- A Religious leader and a good perceptor
About Ramasingh Kuka
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The Scene
The Tender Boy
Lad Or Lion?
Inborn Goodness
'Big Brother'
Back To The Village
Bhaini - A holy Place
The Kukas
'Ananda Vivaha' ( The Happy Marriage)
The Vow Of Swadeshi
The Arrangement
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Divide And Rule
The Clash
The Death of Warriors
'I Will be Born Again'
Maghi Jatra
The Attack
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