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The End

At first Ram Singh was kept in the prison at Allahabad. But Punjab was rather near this place. So he was shifted to Rangoon in Burma. The Government was afraid to try Ram Singh in a court of law. It knew that there was really no valid charge against him. Hence he was never tried at all.

But the activities of Ram Singh did not stop even then. He guided his disciples from inside, the jail itself through his letters. His disciples used to go to far off Rangoon to meet their Guru. When the Government got scent of this it tightened the security arrangements and forbade Ram Singh to meet any person.

Still, the letters came from Ram Singh. He used to tie his letters to small pebbles and throw them out of the jail. The disciples who were loitering outside would pick them up, They sent their letters in a similar way.

At last the Government shifted him from Rangoon to Meragi. But the disciples reached even that place. Nearly 14 years were spent by Ram Singh in jail. The end came in 1885.

Hundreds of letters of Ram Singh had reached Punjab from the jail. They are full of affection for the disciples. And they show his *keen understanding of the political situation at the time.

Though Ram Singh was mainly a religious leader he was an excellent warrior also. He fought for the freedom of the country. He was always thinking about the welfare of the country, even in jail, and never about himself. He was a religious teacher and taught his disciples to live a life of virtue; he also set an example of supreme self-sacrifice for the motherland.

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