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The Tender Boy

49 prisoners died in this manner. Now it was the turn of a young, lad of hardly twelve years! He was of an age when he should have been playing with toys. Besides, he was the only son of his mother Khem Kaur. Like the others the boy walked straight to the mouth of the gun with his -head raised.

The British Collector's wife Mrs. Cowan had been enjoying the scene till then. But her heart melted when she saw this boy. Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she remembered her own lost son who was of the same age. As Cowan was about to give the order to fire, she pleaded with her husband to spare the life of that teenaged boy.

"Please, please save at least this boy. I cannot bear to see him killed," Mrs. Cowan begged her husband.

Cowan could not ignore the appeal of his wife. Haughtily he said to the boy, "You fool of a boy, if you are prepared to leave the company of that rascal Ram Singh, I will spare your life. Go!"

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Ramasingh Kuka- A Religious leader and a good perceptor
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