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The Attack

These Kukas had no proper arms and ammunition. How could they fight with mere swords? Hence they first attacked the fort at Malodh and acquired arms, ammunition, horses etc. From there they went straight to Maler Kotla and attacked. This was on January 15th. But news of this
attack had already spread. The British army was ready to receive them. It was a British army only in name. Only the officers were British; the rest of the army consisted of only Indians. So whenever there was a fight between the British army and Indians, it was Indians who died on both sides.

Compared to the Kukas, the British army was well equipped, more disciplined and ten times bigger. There was a fierce battle. The Kukas fought bravely and inflicted heavy loss on the enemies. But it was a losing battle. During the fight Hira Singh lost his left arm. Gradually the British army
gained the upper hand.

Hira Singh began to feel that it was difficult to win the battle. He decided to get arrested. He addressed the remaining Kukas and said, "Comrades, those of you who are ready to become martyrs, step forward. Anyway I am allowing myself to be arrested. But I wish to compel nobody."

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