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It took a long time to console him. Then slow he began to narrate the happenings. He told the whole story. Hundreds of Kukas who had gathered at Bhaini came to know of this. They became uncontrollably enraged. They wanted to settle accounts immediately. Though Ram Singh also felt sad about the affair, he remained calm when he heard the story.

But there was one young man Hira Singh, who could not control himself. His eyes became red with rage. He prostrated before the Guru and begged for his permission to take revenge for this. "We shall not tolerate this disgrace! Oh Guru! Bless us. We will finish them in no time" he said. Ram Singh thought for a while and then answered, "Control your-self a little. Haste is always unwise."

But the younger ones present there did not heed his advice. Nothing short of immediate revenge could pacify them. Hira Singh took the lead. He took out his sword and drew a line on the ground and cried out, "Those of you who are ready to sacrifice yourselves, come over to this side of the line." There was total silence. About 140 of the crowd crossed the line. All of them proceeded to Maler Kotla with unsheathed swords on January 14th.

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Control yourself.  Haste is always unwise
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