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'Big Brother'

Lahore was the capital of the then Punjab Province. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the ruler. He was an excellent warrior. He organized the Sikhs and built a strong state. Because of his religious life, liberal views and efficient administration, he was highly respected. But as he grew old conditions in the state changed.

Young Ram Singh had opportunities in Lahore to watch the ways of the world. There was shameless drunkenness. Men married as many wives as possible. Selling women and killing unwanted infants were common.

Such an immoral life is a danger to a state. The British’s had been plotting for a long time to gobble up Lahore.

The social climate had its effect upon everybody; but yet Ram Singh led a disciplined life. He never missed his daily prayers and meditation. This kept his mind very pure. Because of his gentle ways every one called him 'Bhai' (elder brother). His platoon was nick named 'The Saint's Platoon'. But yet the atmosphere in the army was not congenial to his saintly qualities.

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