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"We Must Be Prepared For Hardships ......"

The Government began to arrest Kukas in large numbers. Sadguru Ram Singh and other important Kukas were arrested on 19th January 1872.

The army officers came to Bhaini and said to Ram Singh, "You are under arrest. You must proceed to Ludhiana now." Ram Singh replied, "I expected this long ago." How were they to reach Ludhiana? There was a brief discussion and then Ram Singh himself settled it by ordering a bullock cart. A cart was brought to the Gurudwara to pick up the Guru. Ram Singh proceeded to take his seat in the cart. The grief of the simple village folk knew no bounds. Some were shedding tears silently some others covered their faces with towels and began to weep loudly. It was a heart-rending scene at Bhaini. The scene was similar to that in Ayodhya when Lord Shri Rama left for the forest to spend 14 years there.

Jassa Singh, the father of Ram Singh, was continuously weeping. Even the younger brother Budh Singh was crying loudly. He offered to go to the jail in the place of his brother. But how could Ram Singh agree to this? He consoled his brother saying, "Please do not weep. We have to pay the price for every thing in this world. My life is the price for the freedom of Punjab and the country. We must all be prepared to suffer hardships."

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