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The Death of Warriors

The Government reacted quickly. They began to arrest the Kukas wherever they could find them. Many innocent people were arrested and were forced to confess that they were guilty. The police in Amritsar entered even the inner apartments of houses and tortured the inmates. The sufferings of the common people who were really innocent were beyond description.

Ram Sinah could no longer tolerate this situation. He decided to put an end to the sufferings of thousands of innocent people. He called for the culprits among the Kukas and asked them to surrender to the Government. Wonderful! They did not hesitate even for a moment. They obeyed the orders of the Guru by immediately surrendering.

An interesting fact came to light in this episode. Some innocent people had been subjected to inhuman treatment by the Government and had forced to confess that they had committed the crimes. The lower court, which tried them convicted them and referred their cases to the higher courts. In the meanwhile the real culprits came out and declared that they were responsible for the act! The Government had to bow its head in shame.

Four of the real culprits were sentenced to be hanged and others were thrown into the jail. The Kukas who received death sentences neither repented their action nor lost their morale. The jail authorities intended to allow a little freedom on the before day of their execution. They said, "You can eat whatever you want and meet any body you like." But the Kukas refused to take advantage of this concession.

They went to the gallows on September 15th. They were dancing and singing hymns on their way to the gallows. No one who watched them could believe that they were on the brink of death. When people came to know all these things theyadmired the Kukas for their bravery.

These Kukas did not allow themselves to be tied by the leather straps to the gallows. Instead they insisted on cotton ropes being used. And they declared they would tie the knot with their own hands. The request granted, they died with smiles on their lips.

Hakim Singh was one of the Kukas who were hanged. He was the only son of his widowed mother. When some one tried to console this aged woman she replied, "I am proud of my son who gave his life in the cause of the secret cow, the poor people and the freedom of the country."

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