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The Fear of the Government

The Government appointed many secret agents to study and report on the activities of these Kukas. R. G. Taylor, the then Commissioner of Ambala, gave a report after a detailed study of the Kuka sect. It was an important document submitted to the British Government in Punjab. He says, 'In my opinion a day will definitely dawn when these Kuka youths will draw their swords against us (the British).'

The officiating Commissioner of Ambala J. W. Macnab requested the British Government to arrest Ram Singh immediately. He wrote, 'Whatever might have been the motive of this religious leader in the beginning, now it is definitely political.'

Though the secret agents of the British Government were giving much trouble, the sect of the Kukas quickly grew in numbers. No wonder it had 4,30,000 members by 1871. The affairs of the sect were guided by the Sadguru with the help of his Subas. The Subas met regularly in the durbar
(court) of Ram Singh.

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