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The Vow of Swadeshi

In the early stages the Kukas were interested in social and religious matters only. Once Ram Singh met another Guru by name Ramdas and had discussions with him. It is believed that this Ramdas advised the Kukas to take to political work also. The protection of cows became one of the main goals of the Kukas.

Soon the followers of Sadguru Ram Singh Kuka increased in numbers. They were seen everywhere. Their work spread to all the 21 districts of Punjab.

Bharath (India) is our motherland. It must progress and become a great country. Our country does not belong to foreigners like the British. They came here in the guise of merchants. They looted us and carried away all that is valuable because this is not their homeland. We have become slaves
in our own country. Sadguru Ram Singh preached these ideas and condemned British tyranny in flaming words. They thrilled the masses and created
an awakening.

A triangular flag with a white background was hoisted at Bhaini on 14th April 1837. Certain plans were chalked out to oust the foreigners. Ram Singh asked the people not to purchase goods manufactured in foreign countries. If they did, he warned, the profit would go to the foreign countries. People began to boycott foreign goods and vowed to use onlylocallymanufactured ones. Even the offices and courts which were run by the British began to be boycotted. People gave up travelling by trains.

Day by day the influence of the Kukas grew. The eagle eyes of the British could not miss this. The British Government restricted the movements of Ram Singh. He was compelled to give up travellings. But the activities of the Kukas could not be checked; in fact, they secretly grew.

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