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The Clash

Simply because a person or a group of persons follow a particular faith or religion, he or they should not be subjected to harassment; don't you think so? It should be so in all the countries of the world. The constitution of independent India has made this point very clear and has guaranteed full freedom of faith to all. But the Englishmen wanted the people of India to quarrel among them.

Some persons began to sell beef openly by the roadside. This upset the Hindus. Feelings ran high in Amritsar. You should remember that Amritsar is a big religious center for the Sikhs. The rural folk who used to visit Amritsar at the time of the Holi and Deepavali Festivals were astonished to find that beef was being sold openly by the roadside. In such a tense atmosphere a few Kukas could not control themselves. On the 15th of June 1871 they raided a few butcher' shops and killed four people.

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