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The Scene

No, the spectators saw an entirely different scene.

The British officers had decided to cover the faces of the prisoners, to bind their hands and feet and then shoot them dead. But the prisoners opposed this arrangement stoutly. Then the prisoners were asked to stand with their backs to the guns. But again they refused. They wanted the bullets to enter their chests. Smiling, they faced the guns and bared their chests. They loudly shouted 'Sadguru Ram Singh ki Jai'.

There was more fear in the hearts of the spectators than in the hearts of the persons who were condemned to die.

All eyes and ears and hearts were fixed on the mouths of the guns. Breathless they watched the Marty-dom.

The British Officer Cowan gave the order: 'Fire!' Bang went the guns and the bodies of the prisoners were torn to pieces beyond recognition. As one prisoner was killed another stepped into his place.

The eyes of some of the spectators were dim with tears. Tears dropped to the ground. They felt a lump in the throat and grief welled up in their hearts. But Cowan and other British officers enjoyed the spectacle. And their wives took it as entertainment.

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Ramasingh Kuka- A Religious leader and a good perceptor
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