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Maghi Jatra

There used to be a fair at Bhaini, the birthplace of Sadguru Ram Singh, in the month of Magh (i.e. January - February). Kukas from far- off places used to assemble there. Singing of devotional songs, reading of the Holy Book and discourses on religious subjects were the usual program during those days.

It was the 13th of January 1872. A batch of Kukas was passing through Maler Kotla on their way to Bhaini. One of the Kukas who was tired lagged behind. Some mischief-mongers took advantage of this and manhandled him. He was thrashed severely, disgraced and driven away. He somehow managed to reach Bhaini and appeared before Ram Singh in the same state. He was shivering in fear. He could not even narrate what had happened. He began to weep loudly.

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