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Divide and Rule

Have you watched your mother worshipping a cow on the day of a festival? She offers rice and jugglery to eat. She goes round the cow and salutes
her. The cow is a sacred animal to us. We regard it as our mother. But the British encouraged the killing of cows. This was one of their methods to bring about a split among the people.

The British knew quite well that they could not remain in this land if the Hindus and the Muslims came together. So they always provoked quarrels between them. So long as these two were fighting each other the British were safe. All their actions were guided by this consideration only.

As soon as they took over Punjab, they passed an order prohibiting the wearing of chappals in temples and other places of worship. But the same Government passed another order after a few days. It said that the Hindus should not object if others ate beef. What was worse, the Government never banned the sale of beef near any temple or a Gurudwara.

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