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The Kukas

What was the way of life of the Kukas? A Kuka used to get up before sunrise. He bathed and put on white clothes and a white turban. Only after reading the Holy Scriptures did he touch food. Liars, thieves and drunkards had no place in this sect. Sale of girls, child marriage, killing of children and meaningless rituals were all strictly banned. Instead, Sadguru Ram Singh stressed devotion to God, selfless service, a pure and simple life and truthfulness. The Kukas even believed that Ram Singh was the very incarnation of the tenth Sikh Guru - Govind Singh.

Once a drunkard by name Durbar Singh came to Ram Singh and said, "Oh Guru ! Please give me a drink which will make me forget the sorrows of my life." The Guru replied, "Come tomorrow morning after a bath." Durbar Singh did so. Then the Guru said, "Repeat the name of the Lord and you will get peace." The Guru taught him how to meditate on God. Durbar Singh followed his instruction and he became a great devotee of God. Quite a number of people were similarly converted by Ram Singh.

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