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Bhaini - A Holy Place

Have you ever seen a Sikh gentleman? He is tall and sturdy. The majority of Sikhs live in Punjab. Even today our army is full of these warriors from Punjab.

Ram Singh was also a tall man. He was well-built, with a broad chest and bright eye. His unfailing cheerfulness, thoughtful words and spotlessly clean clothes won him the respect of one and all. He used to get up at 2 in the morning. His routine was - bathing three times a day, reading scriptures, distributing food and clothes to the poor and the needy, and consoling those in distress.

The fame of Ram Singh spread steadily. People began to flock to his place to have his 'darshan' and to tell him about their sorrows. His guidance comforted them. Bhaini turned into place of pilgrimage. Jassan, the good wife of Ram Singh, would take care of all the guests. She became 'Mother Jassan' to all.

People began to call Ram Singh 'Sadguru Ram Singh' (the Good Master). His followers formed a sect of their own. Though the sect had man; names
(Kuka, Namdhari, Sant Khalsa), it came to be popularly known as the Kuka sect.

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