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Lad or Lion?

As soon as the boy heard these words which insulted his master his eyes became balls of fire. Like a lion with a single leap he pounced on Cowan. He caught hold of his beard and pulled it so hard that Cowan fell flat on the ground. He began to shriek.

The soldiers around him ran to the rescue of Cowan. They tried hard to loosen the hold of the boy on Cowan's beard. But no! No one could succeed. Finally a soldier solved the problem with his sword. The tiny hands were cut off and thus the hold was loosened.

You can very well imagine the wrath of Cowan. Both his ego and his beard had been hurt very much. He managed to stand up and ordered the soldiers to do away with the boy. The troop obediently carried out his order.

The above incident took place on January 17, 1872 at about 7 o' clock in the morning. The place was Maler Kotla, in the district of Ludhiana, Punjab. Cowan was the Collector of the district.

The fifty persons who became martyrs on that day belonged to a sect known as the Kukas. They were the followers of Sadguru Ram Singh, a great religious leader. What a teacher he should have been to have, won such disciples!

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